Vaporizing isn’t smoking - it’s vaporizing! But, what exactly is the difference between “vaporizing” and smoking? If we were to pick one word that best describes Vaporization vs Smoking - it would be ‘Temperature!"


Temperature is everything! Vaporizers heat your favorite herbs (like rosemary or eucalyptus) to the point where all of the active elements ascend into a vapor stream without any burning or combustion. For example, the various beneficial compounds found in some medicinal herbs have their own unique boiling points. This means that the different benefits associated with each component are only accessible when those compounds evaporate from the herbal matter during the act of vaporization. When you expose your herb to an open flame by smoking, the overwhelming heat burns everything - even the non-medicinal components of your favorite herb. Instead of plucking all of the beneficial qualities from your herb in a  clean vapor stream, smoking leaves you inhaling clouds of smoke which is chock full of carcinogens, poisons, and other unhealthy chemicals. Sure, smoking can deliver medical benefits to a certain degree - but the unhealthy side effects are obvious and unavoidable.


Vaporizing defines the level of heat in specific degrees (no vague color codes - just exact temperatures!). This makes for a more efficient and healthy medicating experience. Imagine if you wanted to eat fresh fruit from a tree: smoking your herb is the equivalent of lighting the whole tree on fire and digging out the fruit from the ashes; on the other hand, vaporizing is essentially a ladder for you to climb up and pluck off the fruit straight from your favorite "tree"!


Clear away the smoke to enjoy the flavors and aromas of your choice herb. After your first session with an Elite Vapir Vaporizer like the NO2 or Rise, you’ll toss your lighter in the garbage, wondering why you ever smoked in the first place!