Extended Warranties


Vapir Limited & Extended Warranties:

All Vapir products come with Manufacturer Limited Warranty* which covers manufacturer’s defects. The VapirRise2.0 comes with a 2-Year standard warranty while NO2.V2 and Oxygen Mini each comes with a 1-Year warranty. You can extend your warranty by purchasing Extended Warranty for each model, based on below table.

We stand behind our products and our customers; if your Vapir Vaporizer breaks during your warranty coverage, we will fix or replace your unit.**

Warranty period starts from the original date of purchase. Please note that Vapir unit MUST be purchased brand new from an AUTHORIZED RESELLER or directly at vapir.com for the warranty to be valid. Opening the unit or any tampering including removal of the Serial number will void the warranty.

** Accidental damages like unintentional dropping, spilling a drink or uncontrollable power surges are not covered by manufacturer warranty.

Attention: To initiate any return, you need to contact Vapir customer service at 1-800-841-1022 or email via customerservice@vapir.com to obtain an authorization number; All products sent back to Vapir without a valid authorization number will be returned to the sender.

Extended Warranty Pricing:


  •           Model                                  
  • 1 Year                 
  • 2 Year                
  • 3 Year
  •           VapirRise2.0                       
  • ———                 
  • Standard                
  • $59.99
  •           NO2.V2                              
  • Standard                
  • $35.99                  
  • $53.99
  •           Oxygen Mini*                  
  • Standard                
  • $19.99                  
  • $29.99


* All re-chargeable batteries are covered by warranty for 180 days from date of original purchase


- If you were to purchase a 2 Year Warranty this would cover your second and third year of ownership. Thus you own a 3 Year warranty.

- If the Vapir Vaporizer Unit is opened or shows signs of being opened/tampered with, the warranty is voided.