What is Vaporization?

Vaporization uses a controlled heat source that massages the beneficial compounds from plant materials. The key to vaporization is the temperature setting: the sweet spot is considered to fall between 350-370 F. Exposing fresh herbs or flowers to a controlled heat source results in the production of vapor which contains the beneficial compounds without the unhealthy elements found in smoke. In optimal conditions, vaporization results in no burning and no carcinogens – just flavorful vapor.


How do I register my warranty?

Registering warranty is EASY! Go to www.vapir.com/support/warranty-registration and completely fill out the form on this page, it will ask you to upload a copy of your receipt of purchase.

Please note that if you’ve purchased your Vapir Vaporizer DIRECTLY from vapir.com, you are automatically registered and don’t need to register again.


When does my warranty start?

Warranty period starts from the original date of purchase.

What is not covered under warranty?

The Vapir product MUST be purchased brand-new from an AUTHORIZED RESELLER or directly at vapir.com for the warranty to be valid. Opening the unit or any tampering including removal of the Serial number will void the warranty.

Accidental damages like unintentional dropping, spilling a drink or uncontrollable power surges are not covered by manufacturer warranty.


I ordered my products. Where are they?

You can easily track your items by logging into your Vapir.com personal account – you would have created this when you placed the order. If you decided not to create a log-in name and password at the time of your purchase, you can contact customerservice@vapir.com and provide your full name and address to request the tracking number information. Also, if you provided a valid email address at the time of your order, you will be sent an email with the tracking information automatically once your purchases have been packed.


How do I change my Shipping Address if it is different than my Billing Address?

For security purposes we do not allow you to change your shipping address directly on our website, we only ship to the billing address. If you attempt to use an alternate address as your billing address, the credit card transaction will be declined. If you do need to ship to an alternative address, we can help you out. You need to either:

  • Contact your bank and add your shipping address temporarily to your account and thus process your order online with your shipping address.
  • Or pay online with PayPal and change your shipping address in PayPal while making sure the address listed in your PayPal payment to Vapir matches the address listed on your order. 

Can I get a replacement Instruction Manual for my Vapir?

All of Vapir product manuals are available for free online, to view or download a manual please follow the below link:


Can you send me a Product Catalog?

Absolutely! We would be delighted to send you the product catalog. Just drop us an email to customerservice@vapir.com with your full name and address. Vapir will send you out a brochure with all of our product information. In the meantime, please feel free to browse our website for more product and pricing information.


What is the minimum and maximum temperature for Vapir Vaporizers?

All of our Vapir Digital Vaporizers have a minimum temperate of 150°F and a maximum temperature of 400°F, except Vapir Rise2.0 which goes up to 420 F.


I lost a part to my Vapir Digital Vaporizer.

You can view all available accessories and parts for Vapir Vaporizers by clicking "Accessories" tab at the top menu.

If you do not see the part you are looking for, please contact customerservice@vapir.com or call Customer service at 800-841-1022 Monday through Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm PST. and describe which Vapir Vaporizer you have and which part you are looking for. We will do everything we can to assist you.


How do I clean my Vapir Digital Vaporizer?

1, Loosen up and remove all debris with provided wooden stick and brush.

2. Use a lightly moistened Q-tip with Rubbing Alcohol or essential oil such as lemon oil to clean the chamber (on NO2, make sure the 4 air-holes on bottom of chamber are clean and clear).

Periodically cleaning your Vaporizer unit is recommended. Lightly moisten the included Cleaning Brush or a Q-Tip with Rubbing Alcohol to clean soiled parts. Make sure the air-paths are clean and clear.

It is recommended that all removable mesh screens be replaced periodically to ensure maximum airflow and optimal performance.


How to change the screen on NO2 mouthpiece?

Turn the mesh screen holder counter clock wise to unscrew. (If stuck due to residue, soak the top in rubbing alcohol or carefully use a pair of pliers.) Once unscrewed, you can clean the screen holder with rubbing alcohol then place a new screen on and screw it back to the mouthpiece.


How often do I need to change the screens on my NO2?  

When airflow is clogged.


How often should I charge the NO2 battery?  

Once you charged your battery, it will last approximately 45-60 minutes (cordless) before you need to recharge.

You don’t need to wait till your battery is fully dead! You can charge your unit anytime when it’s not in use.

Note: Always charge the battery with side switch on!


How can you tell when the herbs are done?

When you inhale and no longer receive flavor or notice a change in flavor. Some say your finished herbs start tasting like popcorn. In addition, you can always twist the top off and look at your herbs. If the herbs have turned to a pale brown then most of the essence of your herbs have been vaporized. Use your bamboo stick to stir your herbs.


Is there any plastic in your vaporizers?

All of our products are made of high grade heat-resistant material. According to MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) Vapir Vaporizers do not release any VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), even at the highest operating temperature. We do not use glue, rather a high temperature medical grade epoxy to secure craftsmanship. The actual NO2 and Oxygen unit casing is a high-temperature Nylon-Fiberglass compound. The unit is designed to operate within this high temperature range of up to and including 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why you can hold the unit in your hand even at these high temperatures and feel very little – to no heat. The Herb Chamber is made out of brass (NO2 & Oxygen Mini) or stainless steel (VapirRise) and produces a very clean heat, hence there are no VOC’s given off by the  units at any time.

Furthermore, Vapir is committed to continuous testing of all products for quality control and to ensure that we deliver the highest quality and safest products possible to our clients. As you can see, we take the high quality of our product very seriously. Therefore, you need not worry.


I would like to get a Power Inverter for my Vapir Vaporizer and need to know what the wattage is on the unit.

The VapirRise needs a minimum power of 180 Watts for any voltage converter, whereas, the Vapir ONE minimum power is 100 Watts. The Oxygen Mini and NO2 are fit for universal voltage, therefore, you will only need a plug adaptor for these products.


What if my Vaporizer is not working properly?

Please call us Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm PST – you can reach us TOLL FREE 800.841.1022. If you cannot call, please email us at: customerservice@vapir.com


When my order will be shipped?

Orders received before 2:00pm PST on any business day will be processed the same day but anything after won’t be processed until the next business day.


Do you ship overseas?

Vapir has worldwide distribution with an ability to ship our Vaporizers and accessories worldwide. If you have specific questions about shipping times and prices, please email customerservice@vapir.com with your full address and what you are planning on ordering, so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.


How long does the vapor last in the Inflation Bag?

Although it is recommended that vapor is best used right away, you can in fact cap off the bag and store it for later usage. The vapor will degrade with time and not have the same flavor or essence, so the sooner you use it the better.


I’m not sure how to use my unit and need a demonstration.

If you are new to vaporizing, I would suggest the following steps in order to use the vaporizer most effectively and efficiently. First, patience is key because vaporizing is completely different than smoking, so it will take time for your body (both mentally and physically) and your lungs to adjust to the difference…so be patient.

  • Turn the unit on and set the temperature to 350-365 Degrees Fahrenheit. (if inhaling too much flavor, reduce the temperature and if not getting enough flavor, increase the temperature)
  • While the Vapir is heating up, make sure to grind up your herbs as finely as possible (this is very important to ensure the hot air will pass through the herbs evenly and effectively so as to fully extract all the flavors and essences).
  • Once the 350-365° Degrees Fahrenheit temperature has been reached, insert the finely ground herbs into the herb chamber, making sure not to overfill (it should only be ¾ full or less).
  • Inhale very deeply and hold your breath and repeat until the flavor dissipates.
  • On VapirRise Vaporizer, you can also use Balloon bags to capture your required vapor for instant use or reserving for later.

Note: Please refer to Inflation Assembly in the VapirRise manual.


I would like to buy your products from a local store. Do you have a listing for any local Vapir vendors?

We do have many local stores which carry our products throughout the world; however, we do not have a list available of any specific stores in specific locales. Alternatively, you could order from us directly as we do accept many forms of payments including: Cashier’s check/money orders, personal check, credit card or Pay Pal. To order from us, you can order from the website directly, or you can call us TOLL FREE at 800.841.1022.

The second option would be to use a web search engine (such as: Google, AltaVista, Yahoo, etc.) and type in the word VAPIR along with your zip code. This should yield results within your local area of stores that may carry our line of products.


Does the Vapir Vaporizer come with a warranty if purchased elsewhere?

All Vapir Vaporizers purchased from authorized re-sellers come with a full Manufacturer’s Warranty.

To view all Vapir Vaporizer’s standard warranties: https://www.vapir.com/support/warranty

You can register your warranty here: https://www.vapir.com/support/warranty-registration


Can I buy an Extended Warranty for my Vapir Vaporizer?

Go here for more information on our extended warranties: https://www.vapir.com/support/warranty

Prima FAQs


How do you remove the battery?

Place palm on the etched arrow, press down and proceed to slide out the battery.


How many sessions does one fully charged battery have?

a. One fully charged battery gives 12 sessions of vape.


How long is each session?

Each session lasts on an average of 5 minutes which can be extended an extra 2 minutes.


How do you extend a session?

In order to extend a session, double click the button to extend the session for an extra 2 minutes when the LED’s are solid green.


Is it beneficial to place the mesh screen in the chamber or use the unit without it?

For a nice even heating throughout your herbs and get maximum flavor out of your material, we recommend using the mesh screen pre-installed in the chamber. However, you can use the vaporizer without the mesh screen too.


How do you remove the mouthpiece?

In order to remove the mouthpiece, place thumb under the mouthpiece and push upwards.


What is the maximum temperature the unit reaches?

The unit can heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit with the last temperature setting


What are the benefits of the Prima Bubbler?

With the Prima bubbler you are able to have the vapor filtered through a water system that will not only cool down the vapor but also purify it for the best quality vapor for you to inhale.


How do I register my unit for warranty?

All the vaporizers directly purchased on vapir website are automatically registered for warranty. However, If you made a purchase from an authorizer reseller please make sure to register your unit by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking "Warranty Registration".


What is the warranty on the Prima?

The Prima vaporizer itself has a 5 year warranty and a 2 year warranty on the battery.


How can we clean the unit?

Each component of the vaporizer is able to be taken apart and you can either soak them in warm water and some rubbing alcohol or use the tools provided.



How can you charge the battery?

NO2.V2 vaporizer battery can by charged by leaving the battery inside the unit and turning on the side switch On. It can also by charged by taking the battery out and using an external battery charger. You can purchase the external charger from here.( add the link for the external battery charger).


How many sessions does one fully charged battery have?

One fully NO2.V2 Vaporizer charged battery has three 20 minute Sessions.


How long does each session last?

Each session with NO2V2 vaporizer lasts about 20 minutes.


How often does one need to change the mesh screen within the unit?

The life of mesh screen depends on the herb being used. When airflow starts to feel drained and clogged then make sure to not only change the mesh screen but clean it out as well.


How do I register my unit for warranty?

All the vaporizers directly purchased on vapir website are automatically registered for warranty. However, If you made a purchase from an authorizer reseller please make sure to register your unit by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking” Warranty Registration”.


How long is the warranty on the NO2.V2?

The initial standard warranty is 1 year but you are able to purchase an extended warranty by clicking here.


What products can the vaporizer be used with?

The unit can be used with dry herbs and flowers.


How can we clean the unit?

The unit can be cleaned by taking out the mesh screens and using something as simple as a Q-tip with some rubbing alcohol to clean the chamber.


How can you change between Celsius and Fahrenheit mode?

Hold down the Red button for a couple of seconds and it will automatically change between the two.