Namaste to carry Vapir Vaporizers globally through its online shops

SANTA CLARA, Calif.March 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Vapir Enterprises Inc., (OTCQB: VAPI) ("Vapir" or the "Company") www.vapir.com, has announced that its line of premium vaporizers – including the new Vapir Pen – will be available globally through the e-commerce retail channels of Namaste Technologies Inc.

VaporNation.com to sell Vapir's innovative Vapir Pen vaporizer

SANTA CLARA, Calif.March 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Vapir Enterprises Inc., (OTCQB:VAPI) ("Vapir" or the "Company") www.vapir.com, has announced that its new Vapir Pen will be available through VaporNation.com. The Vapir Pen is the latest product in the Company's premium line of vaporizers.

Vapir Enterprises Launches Vapir Pen with Direct USB Charging and Ergonomic Mouthpiece

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., January 15, 2017 -- Vapir Enterprises, Inc. (OTCQB:VAPI) (“Vapir” or the “Company”), a developer and manufacturer of revolutionary, state-of-the-art and user-friendly vaporization devices, today announced the launch of the Vapir Pen, a high quality portable pen vaporizer  with a Micro USB charging port. This feature, allows the device to be charged with any regular USB charger anywhere, whether at home or on the go! The Vapir Pen will be available beginning January 15, 2017.

NO2: Cut the Cords and Get Portable

The Vapir is like many other small vaporizers, with one key difference: it's powered by a rechargeable battery, allowing you to bring it with you anywhere. It's a neat trick. Most vaporizers require you to keep the thing plugged in to power their electron-hungry coils. A monster machine like the Volcano could probably never go wireless, but a smaller unit like the Vapir does quite well. Heating up the coils does use up a good deal of juice, but you're able to get a good 4-5 full uses out of it between charges. And you can use it while it's plugged in and charging as well, which is nice.

VapirRise: Top 10 Herbal Vaporizers

Let’s take a quick run through this year’s vaporizer retail line-up leaders, in no specific order, and run the gamut from handheld to just-right-for-your-coffee-table-sized. With this being a New Year, there are sure to be new contenders this year, so I will be doing a new list later on in a few months. First up, the Vapir brand Rise. Now this vape happens to be one of my most favorite, and yes, that’s mainly because of the stylish and attractive design and controls. The Rise hangs easily with the industry’s most powerful table-top vapes. A sleek touch-screen like operation sets off a premium quality user experience. From start to finish, the Rise performs. And with a multi-hose feature, you’ll definitely find yourself doing something other than filling balloons.

VapirRise: "Screams Quality" -420 Magazine

As I grow older, I find myself in search of products from time to time, that will help to improve my overall health, and the Vapir Rise vaporizer was a blessing to review for that reason. A hepa filter to purify air intake, for starters, and a stainless steel construction add to the “sterile” feel of this machine. There’s something to be said about quality in a product and what that represents. In my eyes, it represents not only a manufacturer’s desire to sell product, but their desire to please the consumer and pride in their work as well. The Vapir Rise screams quality.

VapirRise: “Oh you fancy, huh?” -Smell The Truth

If you’re living in a multi-unit apartment building and smoke medical cannabis, chances are at least one of your neighbors is fuming. That’s why a lot of patients keep the peace with a vaporizer – which is an electric device to heat and vaporize but not burn marijuana (or other herbs and oils). Cannabis vapor contains no smoke, which means virtually no odor, and far less throat irritation as well as far fewer carcinogens (though smoking weed doesn’t cause lung cancer).

VapirRise: "the best desktop vaporizer in the marketplace"

“Vaping” allows users to enjoy a potent hit without the toxicity of smoke and irritation to the lungs that accompanies a hit off a joint. A patient we know recently purchased the Vapir Rise from the Vapir Company after his naturopath suggested using a vaporizer. He researched his options. He wanted a desktop unit, so that ruled out portable ones, but the sticker shock of $600 German units kept him looking. After reading tons of reviews, he settled upon the Vapir Rise and ordered. His review: “The quick-start instructions got it working fast. It gets fully heated and creates vapor in about a minute. Plus, you have the option of using a balloon or vaporizing through direct inhalation. Both work great, but I prefer the balloon. I like seeing the balloon fill up with the vapor and it’s a great way to share with a friend. And if you have three friends plus yourself, four can enjoy the unit simultaneously via a four-whip unit that fits over the top of the Vapir Rise. I would have to say the Vapir Rise is the best desktop vaporizer in the marketplace.


The quality of the vapor produced by a portable unit is the most important factor to consider when purchasing; there’s no use in it just looking pretty! The Prima vaporizer has style and substance. Not only is it elegant looking and discreet, but it also produces really good tasting vapor.



In September of 2015 Vapir, world renowned vaporizer manufacturer, Exploded onto the scene with the release of their latest portable vaporizer; The Vapir Prima. From its sleek brushed aluminum body to the simple stainless steel vapor path I’ve gotta say it, this is one of the sexiest herbal vaporizers to hit the market. Vapir stands behind the Prima with a 5 year warranty promising an herbal vaporizer that is going to stay with you for the long haul. Read below for a detailed look into what makes the Prima tick and what sets it apart from other portable vaporizers on the market today...

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San Jose, CA, Dec. 07, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vapir Enterprises, Inc. (OTCQB: VAPI) (www.vapir.com) (“Vapir” or the “Company”), a developer and manufacturer of revolutionary, state-of-the-art, and user friendly medical-grade vaporization devices, announces an issuance by the US Patent Office of a patent that covers vaporization trends sweeping the industry.

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Yeah, that’s right, Vapir made a new portable, and it is amazing.
To be totally honest, this thing blew me away. The build quality and the vape experience are up there with the best portables on the market.
The Prima feels great in the hand, is super easy to use, and has pretty good battery life (after the first few charges).
The Prima has 4 temp settings, ranging from 350°F-400°F. This may seem like a small range, but it really let’s you dial in your vape experience....

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The Prima vaporizer is the newest edition to the product line over at Vapir, one of the most trusted and long standing vaporizer companies in the industry. Over the past 8 years, Vapir has brought to market some of the most quality portable and non-portable vaporizers, specializing in conduction and convention style vaping. If you’re not familiar, conduction and convection vaporizer pens aren’t like the generic vape pens that simply burn your flowers with a coil, these vape pens use either hot air or low temp direct contact vaping, giving you ultimate flavor. The Prima has been one of the most highly anticipated vapes to hit the market in 2015 and even voted the best of the year by many reputable reviewers around the web. We were excited to be one of the first to use the vape and have come away thoroughly impressed......

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Today, we want to take a look at a new portable vaporizer that is just about to be released onto the market this September 2015. The Prima is the newest portable vaporizer made by a tried and true vaporizer manufacturer, Vapir. They hope to recapture the portable vaporizer market from their N02 glory days and remain one of the leading manufacturers with the Prima. So, let’s take a real in-depth look at the new Prima vaporizer to see if it stands up against competing units in its price range.......

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A Heating Chamber Like No Other
Vapir has been a front runner in the industry for many years now because of their tried-and-true N02 portable, and their steadfast stationary, the VapirRise 2.0. The Prima is already making news at Globe Newswire and expectations are high. Vapir just recently went public and is making history by being the first vaporizer manufacturer to do so. We’re big fans of the VapirRise because of its robust manufacturing, satisfying vapor and options. In fact, the Vapir N02 was one of the first handheld vaporizers in the market, and at the time of its inception, this unit was dominating the market. Even Joe Rogan and Willie Nelson had one........

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Vapir has just announced the release of their latest portable unit- the Vapir Prima Vaporizer. The Vapir Prima is set to be available for customers on September 2015 and is already making headlines news at CNN Money and Nasdaq Globe Newswire, as being one of the most anticipated vaporizers releases of this year. Vapir is making history by being the first Vaporizer manufacturer that went public and is traded in the stock market. Vapir has already released incredible units such as the No2 and the Vapir Rise that customers are reporting years of joyful use. In fact, Vapir’s No2 was the first portable unit on the market and is known to be used by celebrities such as Joe Rogan and Willie Nelson.........

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The Vapir NO2 is a portable vaporizer that I’ve been getting quite a few requests to check out lately. The vape is made by a company called Vapir and it’s easily one of the more affordable options out there when in comes toportable vaporizers with a price tag of around $150 which is a lot lower than many of the portables that I’ve been reviewing lately that often cost around double the price of the Vapir or more..........

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Let’s take a quick run through this year’s vaporizer retail line-up leaders, in no specific order, and run the gamut from handheld to just-right-for-your-coffee-table-sized. With this being a New Year, there are sure to be new contenders this year, so I will be doing a new list later on in a few months...........

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