Vapir Vaporizers integrate elite technology with sophisticated design. Our scientific background gave us the insight necessary to create a cutting-edge convection system that gently massages the active compounds from any herb or essential oil into a delicious and healthy vapor cloud.

We’ve employed clinical components like the stainless steel vapor path and brass or ceramic heating elements. Vapir believes quality construction delivers for exceptional purity and flavor – and Rise is another form of proof for this concept. All of our premium vaporizers are digitally controlled and designed to maximize the consistency, safety, and potency of your vapor sessions.

To get a better understanding – imagine fresh-squeezed orange juice: you don’t want the seeds, the pulp, or any of the bitter stuff in your glass. You’re focused on experiencing 100% Orange Juice when you squeeze fresh oranges! Well, a Vapir Vaporizer works like a great juicer except, instead of extracting the juicy goodness from fruits and veggies, our vaporizers extract the therapeutic potency of your favorite herbs. In other words, our vapor technology provides 100% vapor-liciousness without the gross-tasting and unhealthy stuff found in smoke!

Vapor doesn’t contain the contaminants and poisons found in smoke: it doesn’t matter what you’re smoking. The very act of burning causes a chemical reaction! These reactions may form new (and sometimes unhealthy) compounds. A vaporizer with an accurate thermostat, on the other hand, allows you to avoid many of the health risks associated with smoking while still capturing the instant health benefits of various medicinal herbs.

Using a premium vaporizer means you’re choosing a healthy experience! If you need consistent relief – stop smoking and start vaporizing. Rid yourself of the downsides of smoking and start vaporizing with Vapir! Digital Vaporization is on the verge of revolutionizing the: Aromatherapy Industry Medicinal Vaporization contributes to the: Pharmaceutical Industry, Biotech Industry, and Dietary Supplement Industry.