Our Story:

In 1997 Advanced Inhalation Revolution (AIR-2) established itself as the leading developer of premium vaporizers. These digital units offered a smokeless alternative that allowed users to enjoy the flavor of their favorite herbs and flowers without the risks associated with smoking. By removing the combustion element from the equation, our premium vaporizer invites users to indulge in flavor without the risk. As our success grew and our reputation reached far and wide, we identified the next step in our progress. By November of 2006, we incorporated Vapir, Inc. within the state of California.


What We Do:

Vapir, Inc. specializes in the revolutionary technology of digital vaporization. The process of vaporization extracts all of the therapeutically beneficial compounds from choice herbs and flowers into a vapor cloud. Vapor can be safely inhaled without irritation or negative side effects - unlike smoke (aka combustion), which results in carcinogens and other harmful compounds entering your lungs. We’ve mastered the craft of Digital Vaporization to ensure absolute flavor, incredible potency, and unrivaled freshness with every vapor cloud.


What We Create:

At Vapir, Inc., we invent, develop, and produce digital vaporizers in both desktop and portable varieties. All of our vaporizers offer precise temperature control, LCD displays, elegant design, and premium materials for a truly superior vapor experience.

Utilizing heat and convection air means our vaporizers use hot air instead of direct contact with a heating element. This guarantees smooth, well-balanced exposure that results in an incredibly flavorful and potent vapor cloud. Vapir Vaporizers extract the natural compounds found in your choice herbs, flowers, and oils without ever burning anything!


Our Mission

At Vapir Inc., our mission is to deliver the ultimate digital aromatherapy experience. We are committed to the development, production and perfection of world-class vaporizers at a price point that our customers can afford. We intend to revolutionize the field of vaporization all while providing the best-in-class customer support and service to our patrons.

We love our customers and we strive to be the best at what we do.


Patents, Trademarks & Intellectual Property:

Patent Numbers:

US Patent 9,155,848 Method and System for Vaporization of a Substance
US Patent 6,095,153 Vaporization of Volatile Materials
US Patent D489,448 Vaporization Apparatus
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US Patent 6,990,978 Method and System for Vaporization of a Substance 

Trademark Numbers:

78,024,693 Vapormed®
2,805,681 Vapormed®
2,965,549 ®
2,855,556 Digital Air®
2,801,471 Nicohale®
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2,788,063 Vapir®


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**Additional patents and trademarks are pending. Check back for frequent updates on the intellectual property of Vapir, Inc.